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Medea Sketch Portrait by Anazen Medea Sketch Portrait :iconanazen:Anazen 5 2 Elric Comparison by Anazen Elric Comparison :iconanazen:Anazen 5 2 Elric's True Form by Anazen Elric's True Form :iconanazen:Anazen 2 6 Anazen OC Heights by Anazen Anazen OC Heights :iconanazen:Anazen 2 4
Indieville RP Anazen Curious Circus 1
Part 2: Log 1
    She wasn’t sure what had possessed her to enter the tent in the first place. It seemed she had developed a morbid sense of curiosity since coming to Indieville. Or perhaps it was her newfound sense of daring. Whatever it was, something had compelled her to enter the back tent despite the ‘creepy/dangerous’ vibes and warning bells going off in her head. She pulled back the flap to the entrance, the bright lights from the outside amusements making it hard to see the interior for a moment. She let the flap drop and her eyes slowly adjusted to the gloom. What she saw made her heart drop.
    All around her were cryptoids stuffed in cages, tanks and chained for display. Beings like the ones she saw everyday were present, looking worse than the starving children on tv charity commercials. And worse, there was the stream of gawkers who had no qualms with the whole thing. They simply ooo-ed and ahh-ed, or worse, laughed at the p
:iconanazen:Anazen 1 0
Art Fight Eleanor and Valerie Portrait by Anazen Art Fight Eleanor and Valerie Portrait :iconanazen:Anazen 1 0
A Conversation with Baqir
Whether I like it or not, my characters tend to develop minds of their own, regardless of what perimeters or ideas I have in mind for them. They take my initial designs and treat them as suggestions. No case proves this better than Baqir (little twit that he is). When I write, I tend to go on a kind of auto pilot, a state in which I’m not fully aware of exactly what it is I’m writing but I don’t stop until I’ve finished. After I’ve written a scene, I like to give it some time to sit and then I go back to do edits. And more often than not, I will notice some things that don’t add up with my original story points. So I go to the person who, nine times out of ten, is responsible for the changes.
Anazen: Baqir, we need to talk.
Baqir: About what?
Anazen: About how you reacted in this scene. You were being too romantic.
Baqir: But I’m supposed to be wooing Lita. The girl is romantic and thus isn’t it a wise strategy to be romantic?
Anazen: Yes
:iconanazen:Anazen 0 4
Art Fight Etel Outfit by Anazen Art Fight Etel Outfit :iconanazen:Anazen 1 0 Art Fight Ezra Portrait by Anazen Art Fight Ezra Portrait :iconanazen:Anazen 2 0
Indieville RP Anazen Log 9
Indieville Log (To be Decided)
    “You should have seen her, Jordan. One moment she’s sensible and untrusting of Vladimir, then the next all is well with him and she’s practically ready to go to his house for biscuits and blood. And because of some book!” Elric ranted to his employee (and perhaps the only person close enough to be labeled his ‘friend’).
    Jordan listened on with as much tolerance as she could muster. The man was truly hopeless with it came to gaining the object of his affection (not that he would even admit to having feelings for Margaret, which was part of the problem).
    “A book, Jordan! And not even one she could read! He put some sort of spell on her, I know it,” the drakon growled, the air around him growing decidedly colder.
    “She’s never accepted any of the gifts I’ve given her-”
    “What have you given
:iconanazen:Anazen 2 3
Red Eyed Thief by Anazen Red Eyed Thief :iconanazen:Anazen 2 0
Indieville RP Anazen: Mr. Sandman Epilogue
Part 3: Epilogue
    Sunday afternoon Margaret reserved for tending her garden; aka, her rose bushes. Because in truth, that was all that was in the garden. In each and every flower bed were roses bushes. This was partially because she did love roses above all other flowers, but the true reason was a tad bit pitiful. She couldn’t grow any other flowers. She wasn’t even sure why especially since she had so many people tell her roses were some of the hardest plants to grow. But for her, they were the easiest. One of these days she was going to figure out just why. The same thing happened with her baking, too, now that she thought about it. Cheesecakes were easy for her to make but for some reason, she struggled with a simple chocolate chip cookie...
    She was so lost in her musing that she accidentally pricked her finger on one of the bushes she was trimming, the thorn piercing so deeply the wound bled.
    Well, at least I kn
:iconanazen:Anazen 2 0
Indieville RP Anazen: Mr. Sandman 2
Part 3: Part 2
    Elric let out a deep sigh, clutching Margaret to his chest a little more tightly. When he had heard her scream his name he had been so overcome with worry that his mind had gone black. The next thing he knew he was standing in a pile of ice and puppet remains. Hopefully, he had been able to cover up his anxiety with his gruff words. Though he supposed there was no denying this rather embarrassingly emotional moment.
    But he couldn’t help it. He was just so relieved to find her alright. He was so euphoric about it that the ground seemed to shift and even the sky itself seemed to have brightened...
    He glanced up. The sky had brightened. Actually, now that he thought about it, it was Margaret who had shifted. He took in another breath, savoring the scent of her hair, her skin, her-
    Suddenly he stiffened, causing Margaret to look up at him in confusion.
:iconanazen:Anazen 2 0
Indieville RP Anazen Log 8
Indieville Log (To be Decided)
       Margaret was beginning to regret getting a house on the greenbelt. At first, she had been thrilled; no neighbors to her back! But then a certain dragon lord had also discovered it and seemed to think it was his own persona landing pad. He would have an excuse for showing up every time but she had thought her home would be the one place even he wouldn’t disturb her at.
       Apparently, she was wrong. Because said drakon just kept showing up and for the strangest reasons. Mostly doing errands for Jordan, in fact, now that she thought about it. Ever since the day they had met, she and been running into the petite woman fairly frequently. Then they often stopped at a cafe to chat for a little bit or simply shop or attend whatever errand they just so happened to be doing at the same time. Margaret would have thought this a little uncanny and slightly suspicious but she liked Jordan,
:iconanazen:Anazen 2 2
Lita and Fakir - Life After: Black, White and Gray
Chapter 9: Black and White but Mostly Gray
   In the beginning, Lilia had been sure she would never get used to cleaning blood out of clothes. Now it was quite a common thing and she was far more disgusted (and slightly annoyed) when there were other fluids in addition to the blood. Thankfully, almost of all of Francoeur’s clothes were dark so some of the more tricky stains weren’t as noticeable if she could get them completely out. And when she couldn’t, that meant a shopping trip for both of them. Because they couldn’t get new clothes for him without getting her something too. It seemed to be the rule.
    Francoeur never paid her, not in wages. The money he gave her was always for expenses like groceries and other supplies that he had her buy for him. Sometimes while she was doing the errands she would wonder just how he had gotten them before without her. As far as facial scars went, the one he had across his left eye w
:iconanazen:Anazen 0 2
Blue Eyed Princess by Anazen Blue Eyed Princess :iconanazen:Anazen 1 0

Random Favourites

A Fragile Peace - Peace Makers and Pirates art by AbusedPrivilege A Fragile Peace - Peace Makers and Pirates art :iconabusedprivilege:AbusedPrivilege 5 5
A Fragile Peace: Part 1 - Peace Makers + Pirates 7
“Puffguts, would ye open th’ window?"
“You’re closer, why don’t you get it, squirt?”
“Hardy har har.  Very funny tellin’ th’ leprechaun ta open a window ten times ‘er size.”
“Not my fault you’re vertically challenged.  Makes me wonder why I even keep you around.  An assistant that can’t even open a window.  Bah!”
Beibhinn placed her fists on her hips and puffed out her chest as the half-ork leaned over her to unlatch and open the window.  “Partner, ya git.  And maybe it’s ‘cuz I’m less threatening than a warty pig-face of questionable pedigree.”
“Cuter at least.  I dunno about less threatening.”  Alby grunted as he pushed the window up.  The building they’d purchased to open shop was a bit old and sometimes hinges and bolts stuck in their tracks.  After the ordeal Beibhinn had been through the other d
:iconabusedprivilege:AbusedPrivilege 1 3
A Fragile Peace: Part 1- Peace Makers + Pirates 4
“Are you crazy?  Are you trying to pick a fight with them?” Alby had said.
At the time, Beibhinn had simply brushed him off.  “Relax, Puffguts.  I didn’t do anything illegal.”  Now she was regretting it.
“I didn’t do anything illegal,” she responded to the accusation.
“That may be true,” Ichabod replied with a barely restrained level of hostility, “but I’ve taken the liberty of running a background check on you just to be safe.”  He paused to readjust his gloves.  “And from what I understand, you’ve had run-ins with us in the past.”
“Run-ins?”  Beibhinn questioned.  Her heart sank.
“There was a report filed stating that you tried to incite rebellion amongst the fae employed under Peace-Maker authority by encouraging desertion in the ranks.”

“We’re not afraid of you,” Beibhinn hissed up defiantly at the Peac
:iconabusedprivilege:AbusedPrivilege 1 1
A Fragile Peace: Part 1- Peace Makers + Pirates 3
The days and weeks that followed were relatively uneventful.  The duo found themselves with more human customers than usual but they were polite for the most part and merely interested in the rare and exotic goods the leprechaun and half-ork had for sale.  It wasn’t until the unwantedly familiar point of ridged kelpie ears returned to the shop that her usual and comfortable pace of life was interrupted.  He’d come back.  And tagging along with him was the Peace-Maker brat.
Beibhinn forced on her best and most welcoming smile.  Alby was in the back.  Her imagination helped her see the disdain reflected in the kelpie's eyes.  “What are we in trouble for this time?” the leprechaun asked, not letting the fake smile slip as it helped with putting the fake sincerity into her voice.
“Nothing,” the kelpie answered pointedly, seeming to imply that perhaps she and Alby should be in trouble for something.
:iconabusedprivilege:AbusedPrivilege 1 1
Mature content
A Fragile Peace: Part 1 - Peace Makers and Pirates :iconabusedprivilege:AbusedPrivilege 2 6
Red Faerie by sambees Red Faerie :iconsambees:sambees 6,487 143 Enjoyment { Anazen Commission } by KingQuackin Enjoyment { Anazen Commission } :iconkingquackin:KingQuackin 5 3 Baqita Super Splat! by Spectrumelf Baqita Super Splat! :iconspectrumelf:Spectrumelf 8 5
Earth AU - Secrets and Thievery Make a Risky Game
"As with the other times these past few weeks, we do not let Lita find out about this." The two boys are walking home from the library, deciding to go over their findings at a neutral location in town.
"Agreed." Fakir stops for a second, causing Orion to pause as well. "Everything okay?"
"I saw how you fixed Lita's necklace. Not the best job I've seen, but quite good for someone who's never trained with jewelers. You've acquired quite a few skills since I left, my friend."
Orion blinked for a second. This sudden praise isn't like him. What's going on?
He repeats his thoughts out loud, causing Fakir to smile. "And you've always been one to listen with more than your ears. I can tell that your work with that necklace was novice with a glance. Your skills during our outings are practiced, your instincts honed. Care to share why?"
" can't tell Lita. I need you to promise me."
"I swear on our bond as close friends, Lita will not find out from me."
Taking a
:iconacrinn45:Acrinn45 1 10
Unsettling Ideas - AatR - Chapter 5
“... Yes?”
“Hello, is this FroslassManiac?”
“... Yes. It’s me.”
Iris grinned slightly.
“Alright good… Look, we are still in need of your assistance.”
“You still haven’t got the pixelart-guy?”
“... The necromancer was little bit more unpredictable than expected. Most of my team, including me got wiped out and we had lost track of most of the group. The judges started taking matters in their own hands, but we can use all the help we can to track them down.”
“A little too much for NPC’s it seems then.”
“What’s up, cat got your tongue?”
“... Speaking of that… I don’t hear any cynical remarks. Is your OC’s there? You shouldn’t walk around alone with a murderer on the loose.”
“Don’t worry about that. She’s fine. Just scouting ahead.”
:iconfroslassmaniac:FroslassManiac 5 3
Earth AU - Downward Spiral
That morning, Daniel Silkash confessed to twenty-two years of black market smuggling and dealing, in partnership with Husam Naser. Agent Karter immediately called his superiors, and an investigation was underway into both companies. Silkash Shipping Co. turned up a substantial amount of evidence to support Daniel's story...but no such evidence was reported from Naser Oil. While some records seemed a bit thin on information, nothing pointed towards illegal activity Husam Naser was being accused of.
The Supreme Court found Daniel Silkash guilty on multiple accounts of fraud, illegal selling and transportation of goods, stolen merchandise, and theft. Margaret Silkash was found guilty of fraudulent records and as an accomplice to her husband's crimes. Three of their sons - Kyle, Marcus, and Stephen - were also declared accomplices and likewise sentenced.
The boys will each get ten years in prison, with a chance of parole at three years.
Margaret Silkash was given fi
:iconacrinn45:Acrinn45 2 8
Earth AU - Some Disassembly Required
Orion slams the front door and quickly marches upstairs to his room. His mother's voice calls from the other room, but Orion's too furious to even begin to care. Whipping his book bag across the room, he paces his room, grumbling and replaying the conversation in his head. Before long, there's a soft knock on his door. "What?!"
"Relax, it's me." Daniel Silkash steps into the room, shutting the door behind him. Frowning slightly, he asks "What happened at Lita's? You were so excited for tonight that you refused to let us drop you off on the way! Isn't tonight your movie night?"
"It still is. I was given a ride home without my stuff, so I had to backtrack." Orion crosses his arms and stares at his backpack. He's pretty sure something broke inside, but he's not in the mood to care.
"Given a ride? By who?"
"Fakir's dad."
"Husam Naser," Daniel sighs, frowning and shaking his head. "What did he want?"
His son hesitates before answering. "Nothing. He thought he was being helpful, that's all.
:iconacrinn45:Acrinn45 2 4
Pietro Maximoff by Ecthelian Pietro Maximoff :iconecthelian:Ecthelian 602 17
Earth AU - Dramatic Evening
Lita was more than excited to let the two boys over to recite Shakespeare, especially "Romeo and Juliet". She absolutely adores romance, and tragic romance is both depressing and exciting to her. It was even better when Fakir asked if he could tag along. "My father doesn't require my presence at the banquet," he explained. "And it would be nice to spend more time with the people I'm closest to."
It certainly helps that Aevery is the most fitting Romeo actor that she's ever seen. After a few runs through the first scene Romeo is introduced, Aevery's delivery and timing is nearly fluid. "Your pacing still needs a bit of tweaking, but I'd say you're definitely ready for tryouts this week." Orion grins from his seat on the windowsill, sipping on a can of coffee.
"You should watch how many of those you drink, Orion," Lita says, raising an eyebrow. Making sure to look directly into her eyes, he takes a long, slow sip from the can.
Fakir chuckles, leaning back against the wall. "Act
:iconacrinn45:Acrinn45 2 8
Earth AU- Two Households, Both Alike in Dignity
The sound of an echoing voice catches Orion's attention, halting him on his way back from the bathroom. That's coming from the auditorium. Looking toward the library, he weighs his options before heading to investigate the voices. He's sure Lita will forgive him for being distracted; studying history always makes him restless. Add that to his naturally curious nature, and it was pretty much decided for him. Seeing the auditorium door open, though, is just as unusual as hearing someone using it alone after school. He peeks through the door, listening in.
"'...not for this shambling''s 'ambling', darn it! Why is this so hard?!" A kid his age is pacing around on the stage, hands clutching at his hair in frustration.
"Everything alright?" Orion asks, entering the auditorium and walking up to the other boy.
The boy on stage jumps, startled by the sudden appearance of an audience.Shyly, he rubs the back of his neck. "Y-yeah, I'm alright. Just, uh, practicing for the p
:iconacrinn45:Acrinn45 2 7
Earth AU - Emotional Kids
"Some kid ran into me with his bike, it was the weirdest thing..."
"Orion Silkash, you tell me what happened right now!!" Lita's intense glare told him that there's no escape this time.
With a sigh, Orion nods. "Alright. Could I sit down first? It kinda hurts to stand..." Her features instantly soften as she takes his arm and helps him to her room. Once there, she ducks into her bathroom and grabs her first aid kit. "Thank you," he says as his best friend begins to clean him up.
But he wasn't even going to get a modest blush this time. "Talk. Now."
"I ran into someone on the way here, and they roughed me up. Took my money too, so I won't be able to go with you tonight...sorry." His shoulders slump a bit, but Lita can sense there's more he's not sharing.
" was Fakir, wasn't it?"
"Why does it have to be him? It could've been one of the fighters getting back at me for - " Orion stops midsentence, tensing as he realizes his mistake.
Lita gives him a confused look. "One of
:iconacrinn45:Acrinn45 1 5



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Anna Herr
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
A baker, photographer, writer, designer, and comic artist! (well, photo comics; but that still counts, right?).

Not sure if any of the stuff I post here is going to amount to anything, but it's still fun to do. And who knows, maybe one day something I do will spark something else :D

Patreon page:

You can also find me on:
Tumblr: (art) (TF Crew)

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“This is the stupidest plan I have ever in my career participated in," Xenophon said.
"I love stupid plans," said Eugenides.
― Megan Whalen Turner, 'The Queen of Attolia'
Hey, guys! I made another digital trading series through NeonMob! :D

Be sure to check it out and share it with your friends!

Here's a link for a free packet:…
Looking to do some art trades! (because my hands are twitchy and I can't think of anything to do).

I'm offering to do your characters in exchange for drawing mine. So if you offer to do a colored bust of my OC, I'll do a colored bust of yours. A full body sketch from you is going to result in a full body sketch from me (and so on).

As far as limits go, I'm not going to do anything nsfw and I'd appreciate it if you did the same.

I'm offering this mainly to the Indieville RP group, but anyone who reads this is welcome to ask for a trade! :D

Indieville Crew
Indieville RP Group Poster: Team Anazen by Anazen

Bonds of Time Cast
Bonds of Time Full Cast by Anazen


Anazen has started a donation pool!
16 / 10,000
Saving up for a decent scanner so I don't have to keep using my camera for line art (and hoping to showcase my watercolors - because they just don't show up well in pictures ^^; )

You must be logged in to donate.


Clean Line Art Bust:
Simple lines or brushstroke style
*Additional heads $2
Colored Line Art Bust:
Simple lines or brushstroke style
*Additional heads $2
*Simple background $1
*Colored lines $1
Clean Line Art Full Body:
Simple lines or brushstroke style
*Additional bodies $5
Colored Line Art Full Body:
Simple lines or brushstroke style
*Additional bodies $5
*Simple background $1
*Colored lines $1
Painting - Simple Coloring:
Simple line style with basic coloring, shading/lighting and background
*Additional heads $2
*Additional bodies $5
*Special effects (e.g. complex backgrounds, sparkles, lettering, colored lines) $1 each 
Painting - Brush Stroke Coloring:
Simple line style or brush stroke lines with painted coloring, shading/lighting and simple background
*Additional heads $2
*Additional bodies $5
*Special effects (e.g. complex backgrounds, sparkles, lettering, colored lines) $2
Original or Stylized Outfit Designs
Lines only or colored (flat colors, no shading). 

$10 - Lines
$14 - Colored
Chibis (in Brush Stroke Lines)
Chibis in brush stroke lines
*Clean lines $5
*Colored $7
*Special effects (e.g. complex backgrounds, sparkles, lettering, colored lines) $1 eac
Chibis - Icons
Chibis in straight lines and pixalized

*Pixalized $7
*Simple Background $1
*Simple animation (blinking, jumping, other movement) $3


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Thank you!
I'd love to say that I've been developing it carefully with specific intentions but it's really just what my hand lets me do ;)
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Personally I still love the TFP version above all else :3
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